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PL050_KMI component

This section describes the PL050_KMI component.

PL050_KMI - about

This LISA+ component is a model of a PL050 Keyboard/Mouse Interface PrimeCell. It communicates with models of PS/2-like devices such as a PS2Keyboard or PS2Mouse.

PL050_KMI - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-125 PL050_KMI ports

Name Protocol Type Description
pvbus PVBus Slave Slave port for connection to PV bus master/decoder
intr Signal Master Master port signaling completion of transmit or receive
clock ClockSignal Slave Clock input, typically 1MHz, which sets the master transmit/receive rate
ps2device PS2Data Slave Used to communicate with a PS/2-like device

PL050_KMI - registers

This section describes the registers.

Table 4-126 PL050_KMI registers

Name Offset Access Description
KMICR 0x00 Read/write Control register
KMISTAT 0x04 Read only Status register
KMIDATA 0x08 Read/write Data register
KMICLKDIV 0x0C Read/write Internal clock divider
KMIR 0x10 Read only Interrupt status register
KMIPeriphID0 0xfe0 Read only Peripheral ID register
KMIPeriphID1 0xfe4 Read only Peripheral ID register
KMIPeriphID2 0xfe8 Read only Peripheral ID register
KMIPeriphID3 0xfec Read only Peripheral ID register
KMIPCellID0 0xff0 Read only PrimeCell ID register
KMIPCellID1 0xff4 Read only PrimeCell ID register
KMIPCellID2 0xff8 Read only PrimeCell ID register
KMIPCellID3 0xffc Read only PrimeCell ID register

PL050_KMI - verification and testing

This component passes tests as part of the VE example system by using VE test suites and by booting operating systems.

PL050_KMI - performance

This component is not expected to have a significant impact on performance of a PV system. However if it is connected to the Visualisation component, then the performance of the component depends on that of the visualization.