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Third party model import

You can include third party C++ models in your Fast Models system.

To include third party C++ models without access to the C++ source, you require:

  • Compiled library files for the models.
  • The model interfaces.
  • A callback interface for the models.

To use a third party model in your system, you might require to implement your own callback class to bridge the third party model and your LISA+ system. For example, if your third party model callback interface does not match the LISA+ protocols.

Figure 3-4 Third party model callback relationships

In the figure, the myCallBack callback class derives from the callback class of the third party model and interfaces with your LISA+ protocol. A pointer to the myCallBack class passes to the third party model. The myCallBack class communicates with the C++ model using a LISA+ callback, protocol_myInterface.

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