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About the component composition section

The composition section enables hierarchical description of components.

The section lists all subcomponents of a component or system and defines the values of initialization-time and run-time parameters of the contained subcomponents.

Initialize parameters of subcomponents in the composition section by specifying a comma-separated list of name=value statements in parentheses following the component type name. The name must be a published name. The name attribute is relevant for published names. The value can be:

  • A constant.
  • The parameter identifier of the enclosing component. In this case, SimGen forwards the value of the parameter from a component to its subcomponent. The parameter identifier is the identifier of the parameter in the resources section, not its name attribute.
Composition section
MyComponent has two subcomponents mem1 and mem2 that are both of type MyMemory. The expression size=0x1000 sets compile-time parameter size of component mem1 to 0x1000.
component MyComponent
        PARAMETER mem2size;

        mem1: MyMemory(size=0x1000);
        mem2: MyMemory(size=mem2size, id=0x7000);