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Preferences dialog box

Use the Preferences dialog box to configure the behavior of Model Debugger.

Preferences dialog box

Preferences dialog box

Select an entry in the list on the left side of the dialog box to display the options for that category:


Check the boxes to select the following options:

  • Show tool tips enables display of pop-up help for a control

  • Display toolbar text labels displays text below the icon

  • Word wrap in source window wrap long lines to fit the window

  • Show splash screen on startup displays the information screen

  • Reload recent layout on startup keeps your last used layout.

Use the controls in the Recent files and directories to control how many previously used files and directories are displayed.

External Tools

The use operating system file associations checkbox is only available on Windows, and is selected by default. This inactivates the external tool edit fields and buttons. To activate these fields, clear the checkbox.


The default external tools are different on Linux.

Use these settings to configure the tools used to display Fast Models documentation. Documentation is accessible by:

  • the Model Debugger Help menu item. You access the PDFs for the Model Debugger and Fast Model Portfolio books this way.

  • The documentation_file property in a component property listing. This property might point to a PDF file, a text file, an HTML file, or http:// link.

You can change the default external tools used to access the documentation. Click on the folder icon to open a browser, or use the drop down list to choose a previously-selected executable.


Use this view to specify the fonts for each of the windows.

Check the Fonts depend on $DISPLAY variable to have the variable control the fonts.

Suppressed Messages

Lists the suppressed messages and enables you to specify an action for each message.

Verbose Messages

Turn on or off verbose message setting for the message IDs. Click Selective to turn on or off individual messages.

Other settings

Check the boxes to select the following options:

  • Load all Compilation Units at Startup to load all required files.

  • Show Parameter Dialog at Startup to display the dialog box to configure model parameters.

  • Show Target Dialog at Startup to display dialog that normally appears when a model is loaded. If unchecked, Model Debugger automatically connects to targets that have the executes_software flag set.

  • Enable SMP Application Loading to have ModelDebugger load the application only once into memory and load only debug info for all processors. The PC is set to the value of the first processor in all processors.

After displaying the dialog box and modifying preferences:

  • Click Apply to apply the settings and keep the dialog box open

  • Click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog box

  • Click Close to close the dialog box. Any changes to the settings that have not been activated by pressing Apply are lost.

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