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Breakpoint Properties dialog box

Open the Breakpoint Properties dialog box by right clicking on a breakpoint and then selecting Properties from the resulting context menu, or with the Breakpoint Manager.

Select the breakpoint criteria with the Breakpoint Properties dialog box:

Ignore count

Enter the number of occurrences to ignore before triggering the breakpoint. Enter 0 to trigger a breakpoint for every occurrence.

Enable breakpoint

To enable the breakpoint, check this box. If unchecked, the breakpoint location and type is stored, but occurrences do not trigger a breakpoint.

Continue Execution after hit

To enable the continuation of execution after breakpoint hit, check this box. If checked the execution of the debugged application does not stop when the breakpoint is being hit.


Select the condition that results in a breakpoint being triggered. Conditional breakpoints are not supported for some types of breakpoint object.


If the Resource type is not breaks unconditional, select the comparison value that is to trigger the breakpoint.

Trigger Type

Select whether a Read, Write, or Modify operation triggers the breakpoint. These check boxes are not enabled for some types of breakpoint object.

Hexadecimal value display

Check to display the contents of the Value field in hexadecimal format. If unchecked, decimal format is used.

Figure 2-49 Breakpoint Properties dialog box

Breakpoint Properties dialog box

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