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Moving or copying views

Move or copy debug views within the same dock window or copied by dragging and dropping into another dock window.

To start a drag-and-drop operation, left-click the debug view and, while holding the mouse button down, press the F9 key.

A gray box on the left edge near the bottom of the Model Debugger window indicates the target location. Releasing the mouse button drops the window into the gray box.

Figure 2-12 Drag-and-drop of debug views, while moving the Memory window

Drag-and-drop of debug views

To copy the window, press Ctrl+F9. This action effectively duplicates the existing view. A gray box near the center of the Model Debugger window indicates the location for the duplicate view for the Local Variables window. Releasing the mouse button creates the duplicate window in the target location.

Figure 2-13 Duplicating a register view

Duplicating a register view


The windows might be difficult to place into the required position. To force the window to dock to a particular location, select the window handle and right-click to display the context menu. The options are: Dock Bottom, Dock Left, Dock Right, and Dock Top. It might take several moves to force the window to the required location.