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Tarmac Trace parameters

Configure the Tarmac Trace plug-in with these parameters.

The plug-in prefixes parameters with the path TRACE.instance-name, where instance-name is TarmacTrace, which is overridable.

Table 2-1 Parameter descriptions

Parameter name




end-instruction-count int 0x0 Set the instruction count where tracing ends. 0x0 sets to trace until the end of the simulation.
loadstore-display-width int 0x4 Memory transactions can in the case of LDM/STM involve up to 64 bytes. For easier readability you can break these up into multiple memory access records with a smaller size of bytes. 0 sets not to break up any transaction. 4 sets to break up transactions into words.
quantum-size int 0x100

Set the default quantum size for tracing. The component CORE_INFO.QUANTUM_SIZE trace source field overrides this.

trace_branches bool false

Trace all nonsequential changes of the program flow. The information traced is sufficient to completely reconstruct program flow, and the tracing is fairly efficient.

trace_bus_accesses bool false

Trace all bus accesses. This forces all direct memory accesses to turn into full transactions, which slows down the simulation.

trace_core_registers bool true

If true, trace core registers (R0-R14, CPSR and SPSR). This produces a lot of data and can slow down simulation.

trace_cp15 bool true

Determines whether to trace writes to CP15 registers.

trace_events bool true

Determines whether to trace exceptions and mode changes (for processors implementing modes).

trace-file string


Name of the trace output file. If empty, the trace output goes to stdout. If STDERR the trace output goes to stderr.

trace-file-per-comp bool false

Create a separate trace file for each component traced, adding the component name to the trace file name. At present the only components that support trace are processors, so this option is only relevant when there are multiple processors.

trace-inst-stem string


If set to a component path, trace only a subtree of components. In the simplest case of setting the component path of a single processor, then trace only this processor.

start-instruction-count int 0x0 Set the instruction count where tracing starts. 0x0 sets to start from the beginning.
trace_instructions bool true

Determines whether to trace instructions.

trace_loads_stores bool true

Determines whether to trace load/stores. This is cheaper performance-wise than bus tracing.

trace_vfp bool true

Determines whether to trace VFP and NEON™ registers (including FPSCR and FPEXC).

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