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AMBA signal mapping

This section describes the relationships between the AMBA hardware signals and the private attributes of the AMBA-PV extension and the TLM 2.0 Generic Payload.

The tlm_generic_payload::m_length attribute must be greater than or equal to amba_pv_addressing::m_size times amba_pv_addressing::m_length.

For fixed bursts, the tlm_generic_payload::m_streaming_width attribute holds the same information as the amba_pv_addressing::m_size attribute.

Table 1. Address channels
Signal Variable Description
AxID amba_pv_control::m_id ID.
AxADDR tlm_generic_payload::m_address Address.
AxADDR amba_pv_extension::m_dvm_transaction DVM message attributes.
AxLEN amba_pv_extension::m_length Burst length.
AxSIZE amba_pv_extension::m_size Burst size.
AxBURST amba_pv_extension::m_burst Burst type.
AxLOCK amba_pv_control::m_exclusive amba_pv_control::m_locked Lock type.
AxCACHE amba_pv_control::m_bufferable amba_pv_control::m_modifiable amba_pv_control::m_axcache_allocate_bit2 amba_pv_control::m_axcache_allocate_bit3 Cache type.
AxPROT amba_pv_control::m_privileged amba_pv_control::m_non_secure amba_pv_control::m_instruction Protection type.
AxQOS amba_pv_control::m_qos Quality of service type.
AxREGION amba_pv_control::m_region Region type.
AxDOMAIN amba_pv_control::m_domain Domain type.
AxSNOOP amba_pv_control::m_snoop Snoop type.
AxBAR amba_pv_control::m_bar Barrier type.

Table 2. Write data and response channels
Signal Variable Description
WID, BID amba_pv_control::m_id ID.
WDATA tlm_generic_payload::m_data tlm_generic_payload::m_length Write data.
WSTRB tlm_generic_payload::m_byte_enable tlm_generic_payload::m_byte_enable_length Write strobes.
BRESP tlm_generic_payload::m_response_status amba_pv_extension::m_response Write response.

Table 3. Read data channels
Signal Variable Description
RID amba_pv_extension::m_id ID.
RDATA tlm_generic_payload::m_data tlm_generic_payload::m_length Read data.
RRESP tlm_generic_payload::m_response_status amba_pv_extension::m_response Read response.

Table 4. Snoop data channels
Signal Variable Description
CDDATA tlm_generic_payload::m_data tlm_generic_payload::m_length Snoop data.
CRRESP tlm_generic_payload::m_response_status amba_pv_extension::m_response Snoop response.

Table 5. Unmapped signals
Signal Variable Description
xVALID Not applicable at PV level. Address/data/response valid.
xREADY Not applicable at PV level. Address/data/response ready.
xLAST Not applicable at PV level. Read/write last.
xACK Not applicable at PV level. Read/Write acknowledge.
xUSER Use is not recommended. User defined signals.