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Interrupt Generator Interrupt Number Register, INT_NUMBER

Read the INT_NUMBER register to determine the sequence number of the next interrupt that the interrupt generator trickbox is to generate.

The following table shows the bit assignments for the INT_NUMBER register.

Table 1. INT_NUMBER Register bit assignments
Bits Name Type Description

Reads as:

If additional interrupts can be generated.
If all possible interrupts have been generated.
[6:0] NUMBER RO Returns the sequence number for the next interrupt, starting at 0. When all possible interrupts have been generated, every bit in this field is HIGH, regardless of the configured maximum number of interrupts.

Bits [7:0] of this register can be used together to determine how many interrupts have been generated:

All possible interrupts have been generated.
Any other value a
n interrupts have been generated.

The number of possible interrupts depends on the build configuration of the interrupt generator. If the interrupt generator is not present, then this register is RAZ/WI.