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Fixed Virtual Platforms for VE platform functionality

The Fixed Virtual Platforms for the VE platform provide functionality for the following components:

VE motherboard model with:

  • VE System Register block.
  • Two Dual Timer modules, SP804.
  • Watchdog module, SP805.
  • System Controller, SP810.
  • Four UARTs, PrimeCell PL011.
  • Color LCD Controller, PrimeCell PL111 CLCD.
  • Real-Time Clock, PrimeCell PL031 RTC.
  • Two PS/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces, PrimeCell PL050 KMI.
  • Multimedia Card Interface, PrimeCell PL180 MCI.
  • Advanced Audio CODEC Interface, PrimeCell PL041 AACI.
  • 10/100 Non-PCI Ethernet Controller, SMSC 91C111.
  • Two 64MB areas of user NOR Flash.
  • 8MB of local video SRAM.

The VE motherboard model also includes the following virtual components:

  • PS/2 mouse and keyboard models connected to the PL050 KMIs.
  • Visualization for CLCD display with keyboard and mouse support.
  • Generic Multi-Media Card (MMC) connected to the PL180 MCI.
  • Four telnet terminals, one attached to each UART.
  • Flash loaders for both banks of flash.
  • Audio out connected to the PL041 AACI.
  • Ethernet crossover cable and host-bridge connected to the SMSC 91C111.
  • Virtual File System 2 (VFS2) for host file system access.

VE daughterboard model with the following:

  • VE Daughterboard Configuration and Control block (VEDCC).
  • VE Interrupt mapper.
  • 64Kb System RAM.
  • 4GB DRAM.

ARM Cortex-A15 Cortex-A7 CoreTile models with the following:

  • ARM Cortex-A15 core cluster.
  • ARM Cortex-A7 core cluster.
  • Shared Virtual Generic Interrupt Controller, v7 GIC-400.
  • Dual Cluster System Configuration Block.
  • CCI-400 Cache Coherent Interconnect.