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Configuring the model

Describes how to configure Versatile Express (VE) Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs).


Model parameters describes the valid user settings for the VE FVP parameters and their effects.

When you start the model from the command line, you can configure it using either:

  • The --parameter command line argument.
  • A configuration file and the --config-file command line argument.

You can configure a model started from the command line by including a reference to an optional plain text configuration file.

Each line of the configuration file must contain:

  • The name of the component instance.
  • The parameter to modify.
  • Its value.

You must use the following format:


The instance can be a hierarchical path, with each level separated by a dot “.” character. You can include comment lines in your configuration file. These lines begin with a # character. You can set Boolean values using either true or false, or 1 or 0.

You can generate a valid configuration file with all parameters set to default values with the --list-params option by directing the output into the new configuration file.

Sample configuration file including syntax examples

# Disable semihosting using true/false syntax
# Enable VFP at reset using 1/0 syntax
# Set the baud rate for UART 0
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