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CCI-400 parameters

You set these instantiation-time parameters when starting the model.

The syntax to use in a configuration file or on the command line is:


Table 1. CCI-400 configuration parameters
Parameter Type Allowed values Default value Description
broadcastcachemain int 0 - 7 , bit mask 0 For each downstream port, a bit determines whether broadcast cache maintenance operations are forwarded down that port.
barrierterminate int 0 - 7 , bit mask 7 For each downstream port, determines whether barriers are terminated at that port.
bufferableoverride int 0 - 7 , bit mask   For each downstream port, determines whether all transactions are forced to non-bufferable.
force_on_from_start bool true, false false The CCI-400 normally starts up with snooping disabled. This parameter enables snooping when the model starts without it being necessary to program it. This parameter applies to simulation reset, not at signal reset.
log_enabled int
Logging off.
Log only access violations.
Also log writes.
Also log reads.
1 Enables log messages from the CCI-400 register file.
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