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Cluster parameters

You set these instantiation-time parameters when starting the model.

The syntax to use in a configuration file or on the command line is:


x 0 for the Cortex®‑A15 cluster, 1 for the Cortex‑A7 cluster.

Table 3-18 Cluster parameters

Parameter Type Allowed values Default value Description
CFGDISABLE bool true, false false Disables some access to DIC registers.
CLUSTER_ID int 0-15 0 Cluster ID value.
device-accurate-tlb bool true, false false Sets whether device-accurate number of TLBs are modeled.
dic-spi_count int 0-224, in increments of 32 64 Number of shared peripheral interrupts implemented.
IMINLN bool true, false true Instruction cache minimum line size for cluster 0, not cluster 1.
false 32 bytes.
true 64 bytes.
l1_dcache-state_modelled bool true, false false Includes Level 1 data cache state model.
l1_icache-state_modelled bool true, false false Includes Level 1 instruction cache state model.
l2_cache-size int 512KB, 1MB, 2MB, 4MB 0x80000 Sets Level 2 cache size in bytes integer.
l2_cache-state_modelled bool true, false false Includes Level 2 cache state model.
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