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CS3 peripheral memory map

The following table shows the memory map for peripherals in the CS3 region.

Table 3-3 CS3 peripheral memory map

Address range Size Int Modeled Description
0x00_1C000000-0x 0x00_1C00FFFF 64KB - No Local DAP ROM
0x00_1C010000-0x 0x00_1C01FFFF 64KB - Yes VE System Registers
0x00_1C020000-0x 0x00_1C02FFFF 64KB - Yes System Controller, SP810
0x00_1C030000-0x00_1C03FFFF 64KB - No TwoWire serial interface, PCIe
0x00_1C040000-0x00_1C04FFFF 64KB 43 Partial AACI, PL041
0x00_1C050000-0x00_1C05FFFF 64KB 41, 42 Partial MCI, PL180
0x00_1C060000-0x00_1C06FFFF 64KB 44 Yes KMI, keyboard, PL050
0x00_1C070000-0x00_1C07FFFF 64KB 45 Yes KMI, mouse, PL050
0x00_1C080000-0x00_1C08FFFF 64KB - - Reserved
0x00_1C090000-0x00_1C09FFFF 64KB 37 Yes UART0, PL011
0x00_1C0A0000-0x00_1C0AFFFF 64KB 38 Yes UART1, PL011
0x00_1C0B0000-0x00_1C0BFFFF 64KB 39 Yes UART2, PL011
0x00_1C0C0000-0x00_1C0CFFFF 64KB 40 Yes UART3, PL011
0x00_1C0D0000-0x00_1C0EFFFF 64KB 73 Yes VFS2
0x00_1C0D0000-0x00_1C0EFFFF 64KB - - Reserved
0x00_1C0F0000-0x00_1C0FFFFF 64KB 32 Yes Watchdog, SP805
0x00_1C100000-0x00_1C10FFFF 64KB - - Reserved
0x00_1C110000-0x00_1C11FFFF 64KB 34 Yes Timer-0, SP804
0x00_1C120000-0x00_1C12FFFF 64KB 35 Yes Timer-1, SP804
0x00_1C130000-0x00_1C15FFFF 192KB - - Reserved
0x00_1C160000-0x00_1C16FFFF 64KB - No TwoWire serial interface, DVI
0x00_1C170000-0x00_1C17FFFF 64KB 36 Yes Real-time Clock, PL031
0x00_1C180000-0x00_1C19FFFF 128KB - - Reserved
0x00_1C1A0000-0x00_1C1AFFFF 64KB - No CF card
0x00_1C1B0000-0x00_1C1EFFFF 256KB - - Reserved
0x00_1C1F0000-0x00_1C1FFFFF 64KB 46 Yes Color LCD Controller, PL111
0x00_1C200000-0x00_1FFFFFFF 62MB - - Reserved
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