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Dual Cluster System Auxiliary Platform ID Register, DCS_AID

The read-only DCS_AID register returns information about the platform to the Versatile™ Express platform configuration controller.

It also contains other status fields that software or users of the platform can use. The following table shows the bit assignments.

Table 3-38 DCS_AID Register bit assignments

Bits Name Type Description
[31:24] BUILD RO A serial build number for all DCS releases, starting at zero. The build number uniquely identifies each platform.
[23:14] - RO Reserved. RAZ.

Number of interrupts that the interrupt generation trickbox controls:

0b00 32 interrupts.
0b01 64 interrupts.
0b10 96 interrupts.
0b11 128 interrupts.

Reads as:

1 If the interrupt generation trickbox is present.
0 Otherwise.

Reads as:

1 If the platform supports reading switch or configuration inputs from the DCS_SW register.
0 Otherwise.

Reads as:

1 If the platform supports setting LEDs or status information through the DCS_LED register.
0 Otherwise.
[8] - RO Reserved. RAZ.
[7:0] CFGREGNUM RO Reads as zero to indicate that no additional Versatile Express user-defined configuration commands exist.

The BUILD field identifies a specific release of a dual cluster system platform implementation. No two releases of a platform implementation have a same build number, regardless of the version of the system specification that it implements. Build numbers are only unique within a particular implementation, and there is no relationship between build numbers of different platform implementations. For example, an FPGA implementation with a build number of 0x8'h05 is not necessarily based on the same dual cluster system source version as build number 0x8'h05 of a software model.