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Interrupt Generator Interrupt Type Registers, INT_TYPEx

The INT_TYPEx registers configure whether the interrupt generator trickbox generates level-sensitive or edge-sensitive interrupts for each of the 128 supported interrupts:

INT_TYPE0 Configures interrupts 0-31, one bit for each interrupt.
INT_TYPE1 Configures interrupts 32-63, one bit for each interrupt.
INT_TYPE2 Configures interrupts 64-95, one bit for each interrupt.
INT_TYPE3 Configures interrupts 96-127, one bit for each interrupt.

Each register consists of 32 read and write bit fields, where each bit field configures an interrupt. Bit n of INT_TYPEx configures interrupt number 32x + n, and can take the following values:

0 Generate a level interrupt for this line. An interrupt on this line pulls the interrupt signal HIGH and keeps it HIGH until it is acknowledged.
1 Generate pulse, edge-triggered, interrupts on this line. An interrupt on this line causes the interrupt signal to go HIGH for one clock cycle.

It is recommended to only update this register prior to starting interrupt generation, when INT_CTRL.ENABLE is LOW and interrupts from any previous generation runs have been acknowledged. If the interrupt generator is configured to support fewer than 128 interrupts, then the registers corresponding to unsupported interrupts are RAZ/WI.