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Interrupt Generation Trickbox

The interrupt generation trickbox is an extension of the Dual Cluster System Configuration Block (DCSCB) that enables interrupts to be generated either on demand, by writing to a control register, or automatically at regular intervals, using a programmable timer.

The trickbox controls various interrupt lines and asserts, at most, one interrupt per cycle, in an order that you can configure. Interrupts can be either:

  • Level-sensitive.
  • Edge-sensitive.

3.15 Bus consistency messages describes the DCSCB that contains registers to configure and control the interrupt generation trickbox. The interrupt generation trickbox can control up to 128 interrupt lines.

When interrupt generation starts:

  1. The index in the INT_SEQ0 register provides the first interrupt that the trickbox asserts.
  2. The index in the INT_SEQ1 register provides the second interrupt that the trickbox asserts.

It is a prerequisite that you have already programmed the INT_SEQx registers with the required sequence before you start the interrupt generation.

This section contains the following subsections: