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Multiple entries in the cache with the same security world

The models contain AMBA® 4 consistency checkers.


A secure and a non-secure line both exist, and are dirty, in the same cache at the same time. The system issues warnings at 1MiB boundaries and only issues them once for each 1MiB section of memory. This means that it is possible to observe this error from multiple caches.


This is not necessarily an error if the backing memory for the cache line in the main memory system is different. However, if they are the same, then you must perform cache maintenance operations with care to ensure that they observe the updated value.

Example 3-1 Example of multiple entries

<name>-entry3 is for UD-ns-0000e693be7b2400-ish-iHittable-oHittable, and
<name>-entry4 is for ud- s-0000e693be7b2400-ish-iHittable-oHittable,
that is, same address but different security worlds and one or more are dirty.
This isn't necessarily an error if different memory is backing the lines,
but it is a common error.
This is only reported once for each 1024KiB region for each
cache, so you might observe this error from multiple caches.
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