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1.2. Product release status

This product is of Beta release quality.

Recipients must be aware that Beta release status has a particular meaning to ARM. Beta is a pre-release status and indicates that the deliverable described is believed to:

  • Demonstrate the specified behavior.

  • Be consistent across its included aspects and be ready for general deployment.

Beta also indicates that pre-release reliability trials are ongoing and that it is possible residual defects or errors in operation, consistency, and documentation might still be encountered.

The recipient should consider this position when using this Beta material supplied. ARM normally attempts to provide fixes or a work-around for defects that are identified by the recipient, however, the provision or timeliness of this support cannot be guaranteed.


ARM is not responsible for direct or consequential damages as a result of encountering one or more of these residual defects. By accepting a Beta release, the recipient agrees to these constraints and to providing reasonable information to ARM to enable the replication of the defects that are identified by the recipient. The specific Beta version that is supplied will not be supported after release of a later or higher status version.

It should be noted that Support for the Beta release of the deliverable is only provided by ARM to a recipient who has a current support and maintenance contract for the deliverable.

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