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Target State View

Attention: This view is only available in the OpenGL ES + EGL perspective by default.

This view shows the state of the underlying system at a time following the function selected in the Trace View, and is updated as the trace selection changes. Use this to explore how the system state changes over time and the causes of that change.

The initial state is shown as an entry in normal type. If the relevant API standard defines an initial state then this will be shown, otherwise <unknown> will appear instead.

If a state item has been changed anywhere in the trace then it will be highlighted in light-green. A state item that is not currently it's default value is highlighted in dark-green. Any read-only constant states such as GL_MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS are highlighted in yellow. States that are never been changed in the trace are shown in white.

If a state has been changed, you can find the function call that changed it by selecting Select Previous Change Location from the right click menu on the state item. The function call that next changes a given state item can be located in a similar way.


You can use the Filter box to filter the states and values in the view. For example, type texture into the box and the view will only show you states which have 'texture' in the name and/or those which have 'texture' in the value. See Searching and Filtering in MGD for more information.

In addition to the Filter box, there are six filtering modes available:
  • All states - No additional filtering is applied.
  • States that have been modified - Only show the states that have been changed in this trace.
  • States that have not been modified - Only states that never change value in the trace will be shown.
  • States that are not currently their defaults - Only states which, at the currently selected function call, are not at their default values will be shown.
  • States changed by this function - Only states changed by the currently selected function call will be shown.
  • Read-only states - Only read-only constant states such as GL_MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS will be shown.
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