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Changes between version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

The following table details the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary Notes
MGA-429 Removed multi-selection on Trace Problems View. Since only the first selection is used. Also selection now done on a single-click rather than a double-click.
MGA-473 Fixed issue when textures with type 565 were sent. Caused traces with RGB565 images to fail to load.
MGA-427 Personalized icons on shader editor. Shader editor pane now shows the icon appropriate to the content.
MGA-472 Added eglGetProcAddress path for function pointer lookup in interceptor functions. Previously, the only path available used dlsym, which will not work with extension functions which must look up the function in the underlying driver with eglGetProcAddress. The interceptor originally returned addresses to core API functions, which is counter to the wording of the EGL spec.
MGA-453 Fixing trace load cancel button. MGD now stops cleanly when the cancel button is pressed on a large trace load.
MGA-451 Reducing argument memory usage. Provide support for saving attachments and framebuffers to disk when the system is short of memory.
MGA-474 Fix Save dialog (before it was actually a open dialog). Also add a filter for txt extension on trace files.
  Add type to the image buffers and textures, and display it.  
MGA-418 Added documentation for all special case functions. All trace functions can be double-clicked to reveal help page.
MGA-447 Modified Trace View code to handle bit fields. Functions such as glClear which take a bit mask now show the bit mask value expanded into each of the mask values if possible.
MGA-469 Fix exception thrown when no markers are selected.  
MGA-398 Added process filter to Android target. Now requires a /system/lib/egl/processlist.cfg to exist, and have the running process name equal one of the lines of that file, in order for a single process trace to occur. The interceptor will trace all processes by default if processlist.cfg is not present.
MGA-435 Removed shader editor right click menu The menu items had no effect, and so have been removed.
MGA-436 Save and restore window layout The application will now remember where windows were placed in the workbench, and will restore these at the start of the next session.
MGA-448 Retain connection IP address and port information If the user enters information in the connection dialog then this is now saved across sessions.
MGA-431 Removing unused popup menu on Statistics View. Removed unnecessary popup menu.