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Changes between version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
  Add uniforms support.
  Fix concurrent modification exception.
MGA-550 Fix bug in Windows installer.
  Moving views; adding right click menu.
  Dimension sorts by width following area.
  Adding shader attributes to the Programs View.
  Update EULA with Apache Commons library.
MGA-543 Fixing trace load progress counter.
MGA-539 Texture names now sort on ID
MGA-353 Added glVertexAttrib*fv family of entry points
MGA-353 Added glVertexAttrib*f commands to the Asset Processor
  Upgrade everything to Java 1.7
  Small improvements to the UI of the Outline View
  Fix for interceptor vertex array buffer sending
MGA-514 Adding index to draw call in frame.
MGA-485 Fix warning 'timer already canceled'.
  Add detection of eglGetError errors.
  Display frames with alternate colors in the Trace View.
MGA-518 Adding table header tool tips.
MGA-517 Added index column to Trace View.
MGA-515 Attachment temporary files now deleted on exit.
  Small UI improvements
  Fix NullPointerException with buffers.
MGA-489 Fix Trace View switching.
  Add statistics entry to show the number of API calls per frame.
  Make open file trace faster.
MGA-483 Improved performance when highlighting the locations of a problem in the trace.
MGA-508 Fix double-click global action issue.
  Add Buffers View.
  Changed Assets View to sort OpenGL ES objects alphabetically
MGA-498 Added preview text and icons for Buffer assets.
  Add a simple binary viewer for buffers.
  Fix precision errors in the progress bar.
MGA-482 Show MB read in the progress bar to show activity for enormous files.
  Set the size of a texture even if no data is available.
  Display information for textures bound to framebuffers.
MGA-341 Show number of vertices and draw calls in the Outline View.
MGA-341 Add per frame and per draw call statistics in the view.
MGA-498 Added Asset Processor support for all OpenGL ES 3.0 target buffers.
MGA-498 Updated Asset Processor to handle glBufferSubData
MGA-498 Added tracking of buffer creation/deletion/modification to model.
MGA-498 Added glBufferData test app
  Improve file moving to work cross device
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