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Changes between version 1.1.0 and 1.2.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-905 Allow binary shaders to be debugged. All apps will fall back to compiled shaders.
MGD-852 Added end to end tests for fragment count
MGD-837 Handle click on empty framebuffer image. Previously the app would throw a generic warning if an empty framebuffer was double-clicked.
MGD-887 Suppress multiple error dialogs. These were produced when trying to read a texture without the appropriate decoder. Only one report is now produced for each failing decoder.
MGD-463 Shaders View shows a fragment count for each shader
  All frames now start with eglSwapBuffers. Previously this call was included at the end of a frame. This change improves application consistency.
  Add an 'empty message' to the Framebuffers View.
MGA-860 Fixed exception thrown when calculating shader statistics.
MGA-876 Add armhf_fbdev in the installer
MGA-873 Fix workbench save/restore with new versions.
MGD-3 Fixed Vertex Shaders View and Fragment Shaders View being empty after shader deletion. Shaders are shown next to their bound program in the shader views. There may be duplicate shaders, as a shader can be bound to multiple programs. After a shader is deleted, the shader is shown grayed out if still attached Vertex shaders in the Vertex Shaders View also now have a color.
  Add framebuffer size in the tooltip
MGD-335 README_linux and README_android merged into user guide Added target installation content to the user guide. Deleted README_android and README_linux
MGD-844 Daemon now reports version during start up
MGD-852 Updated user documentation. Also improved the messages that a daemon produces when it starts up. Includes updates to user guide and code to better document the use of port 5002.
MGD-859 Adding Android ASTC support
  All mga references become mgd
  Changed test trace file extension to mgd.
  Fix frame and draw call index numbers in Statistics View. These were one-out.
  Adding ASTC decoding to GUI.
MGD-854 Changed Linux installer extension to tgz. This simplifies publishing.
MGD-160 Renaming State View 'State' column to 'State Item'
MGD-836 Renaming samples to have a .mgd extension
  Show colors in the Fragment Shaders View.
MGD-838 Close process streams after use. These were no being closed, and so were accumulating until the system ran out of descriptors.
  Rename Trace Problems View
MGA-753 Clear frame image when model unloads.
MGD-12 Show multiple texture formats/types only if they are different.
MGD-34 Overdraw map now supports OpenGL ES 3.0 shaders (Timbuktu works)
MGD-63 Add status line with progress report for background jobs.
MGA-595 Fix 'task already scheduled or canceled' when closing and re-opening the Statistics View.
MGA-801 Fix exception when canceling a file open action.
MGA-788 Inform the user when the connection to the target is broken
MGA-793 change extension to .mgd
MGA-722 Better message for broken URLs in help lookup.
  Fix opening a file shows up as dirty.
MGA-815 Add title to vertex attribute index column.
  Hide the filmstrip panel if no screenshots are available.
  Display screenshots in the left pane in the GUI.
MGA-760 Saving now updates tab. And you can differentiate between save and save as.
  Adding single-step function.
  Fixing interaction between pause and framebuffer requests.
  Improve image drawing, remove unnecessary images.
  Add support for RGB and RGB565 formats for framebuffers.
  Enable O3 optimization in the Android build.
MGA-794 Message when texture cannot be displayed externally.
  Implemented overdraw map
MGA-834 Fix bug calculating shader cycle average.
MGA-779 Vertices per draw call and frame now show Unique vertices as well
MGA-834 Add vertices count to shader stats.
MGA-284 Selecting frame selects last call in frame. Previously the first call would be selected. Will allow us to more easily present per-frame information.
  Enable all the basic texture formats.
  Add GL_ALPHA texture format as grayscale image.
  Revised error handling. All LOGE or LOGI statements now terminate with \n (previously there was a mix). All exit() calls are now made with a non-zero value if indicating failure.
  Implemented core OpenGL ES 3.0 vertex attribute types
MGA-727 Updated User Guide. Updated known-issues section to contain information on the Khronos manual page issues.
  Added mgd.ini option to substitute vendor
  Renaming start/stop to connect/disconnect. This better reflects what these commands actually do, and helps towards separating the start/stop controls.
  Added LD_LIBRARY_PATH/MGD_LIBRARY_PATH interception method By naming/symlinking MGD appropriately, MGD can be placed in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, and the library path to forward calls to can then be specified by passing the environment variable MGD_LIBRARY_PATH. This method is safer than LD_PRELOAD, and can be used with other tracers.
  Improved interceptor to support more drivers
  Included updated OpenGL ES 1.1 extension header.
  Updated size of bit fields in CL definition.
  Add to the trace a timestamp showing the time before/after each function call.
  Stop up-scaling the FB images if they are already smaller than the canvas.
MGA-762 Fixed find on a live trace
  Added armhf build to bundle
  Updated emulator to load libGLES from same directory. Now loads libGLES* from same directory as libEGL, rather than using LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which was causing some trouble previously.
MGA-758 Fix null pointer exception when saving. This occurs when a constant value is unrecognized. These are now replaced with 'unrecognized' but this can only be temporary until unknown constants are properly supported.
MGA-724 Add User Guide note on GTK warnings.
MGA-720 Improving the progress bar on multiple file load. The previous bar was not correctly showing the total progress when opening multiple files, this has been fixed. There remains an issue with the blocking of the UI thread by the open editor call, but this is unavoidable at the moment.
MGA-717 Only permit existing file to be opened. Previously the File > Open dialog would allow the user to type a file name that didn't exist, causing problems later in the flow.
MGA-691 Search substrings (they don't need to fully match).
  Fix Y coordinate of cube maps.
MGA-684 Fix bug. MGD did not show up on Mac with Java 1.6
MGD-686 Fixing standard Mac menu items. The 'About MGD' and 'Preferences' options were missing from the Mac implementation.
MGA-697 Revising socket close mechanism to eliminate errors. The socket shutdown code reported lots of warnings even in the correct case. Code has now been refactored to improve the messaging and to try and eliminate spurious warnings.
  Added EGL plugin to send context on eglMakeCurrent
  OpenGL ES 3.0 working on Android, and Nexus10 4.3 booting. Only needed to chmod to work on Android 4.3, so have changed the README to reflect this requirement. Have also removed the OpenGL ES 2.0 version of the android interceptor, and will now ship OpenGL ES 3.0
MGD-698 Fix sequencing on save. Save operation no longer closes an active trace if the user cancels the file selection dialog.
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