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Changes between version 1.2.2 and 1.3.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-504 The results of glGetError are now show for every call
MGD-246 Added “Step” feature to allow stepping through frames on the target
MGD-896 Traces are now in a binary format to increase performance
MGD-282 Added a feature in the Vertex Attribute View to visualize sparse vertex indices. Also added a warning if the vertex indices are too sparse.
MGD-1024 Added support for replaying frames which don’t create or destroy state
MGD-297 Shader cycles statistics are now calculated for ‘ Midgard’ based devices
MGD-263 Double-clicking an MGD trace file now opens MGD (Windows only)
MGD-900 Search function is faster
MGD-1000 MGD is more responsive when selecting the last frame in a big trace
MGD-1001 MGD no longer runs out of memory after opening and closing several trace files
MGD-1092 Fixed shader views sorting when using “Show create location”
MGD-241 String arguments are now shown instead of the pointer value in the Trace View
MGD-1121 The Vertex Attribute View is now correct when the minimum vertex index is >0
MGD-1138 Fixed Shaders View so it shows shaders correctly before they've been linked
MGD-1155 Added EGL parameters are in the Assets View
MGD-146 Stopped context being lost in the Outline View when selecting a call other than glDrawElements
MGD-1104 Fixed shadermaps so they use the same shader number as API calls
MGD-1096 In a multi-context trace, the trace problems are now correct
MGD-1094 Constants are now correctly displayed for glClear
MGD-65 Texture formats for T-Rex HD are now correct
MGD-1066 Stopped UI locking up while saving traces
MGD-831 Attaching a texture to a channel of an FBO now detaches whatever is currently bound
MGD-1091 Added support for BGRA textures
MGD-1079 Framebuffers View is now cleared when trace file gets closed
MGD-1065 Stopped UI locking up when connecting to a non-existing IP address
MGD-1015 “Show create location” / Show last modification now works for the shader views
MGD-997 It is no longer possible to close main application window when Open File dialog is open
MGD-1071 Assets View selection is no longer cleared when stepping backwards through the trace
MGD-1068 Stepping through draw calls no longer resets the asset table
MGD-1036 Fixed a NullPointerException which was thrown after reopening the Assets View
MGD-903 Stopped the Framebuffers View of other open traces being cleared when you close a trace
MGD-2 Canceling file read no longer results in Stream Closed error
MGD-888 Traces can be exported to a text file
MGD-210 Trace file highlights can now be removed once set
MGD-947 Function arguments now display correct enumeration values
MGD-935 Fixed java.util.ConcurrentModificationException thrown while tracing GFXBench