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Changes between version 1.3.2 and 2.0.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-1146 Filmstrip feature has been re-enabled
MGD-1053 Help is now provided as an Eclipse plugin
MGD-1284 Added "Framebuffer" as a mid-level hierarchy in the Outline View
MGD-1210 Mgddaemon now provided as an Android application for rooted devices
MGD-1299 Hard float version of interceptor is now built without neon for greater compatibility
MGD-1222 Search highlighting improved
MGD-1131 Context menus in MGD now contain default actions
MGD-1137 Show and hide menus added for column context menus
MGD-71 Improved error message regarding the libjpeg62 dependency
MGD-240 Added more default items to the context menus
MGD-1011 Added alpha channel support when opening images opened from the Framebuffers View
MGD-835 User can now copy function calls from the Trace View to the clipboard
MGD-1352 Made improvements to previous/next change location in Target State View
MGD-879 New samples have been added to show features such as overdraw map, fragment count statistics, shader map and frame capture
MGD-1234 Debug menu now contains all of options from the toolbar and in the same order
MGD-1341 Columns in the Statistic View are now resizable
MGD-1246 User can now filter frames by MGD features such as overdraw
MGD-1432 MGD updated to use Java 7 and JRE is bundled with package
MGD-1086 Improved handling of large trace files
MGD-1322 Framebuffers View now correctly reports pixel coordinates no matter what the view size
MGD-1333 Progress bar now shown when doing a capture from paused
MGD-1429 MGD no longer hangs when replaying a frame that had previously been captured
MGD-1296 OpenGL ES 3.1 basic support has been added. All calls are now intercepted and displayed in the Trace View
MGD-1317 Failed calls to glTexImage* no longer update texture assets
MGD-219 Vertex attribute support added for OpenGL ES 3.0 entry points
MGD-1319 Increased the number of texture formats that MGD supports
MGD-1253 Attachment data is now captured for glDiscardFramebufferEXT and glInvalidateFramebuffer
MGD-245 Added the ability to create notes in the Trace View to highlight specific lines in a trace
MGD-290 Filmstrip feature can be toggled on or off during tracing
MGD-1460 User can now override a texture with a predefined checker board texture whilst replaying a frame
MGD-1466 User can now override the precision mode for all types in a shader whilst replaying a frame
MGD-1433 Added documentation for using the interceptor inside an APK
MGD-974 Icons added to help distinguish between regular frames, replayed frames and frames with different features
MGD-1297 Added new Compute Shaders View
MGD-1457 Added app selection screen to the new MGD daemon app
MGD-1088 Improved speed whilst calculating unique indices
MGD-1142 Ability to copy text strings in MGD added
MGD-1338 Total cycles number is now uses decimal notation instead of E notation
MGD-1170 Fixed tooltip for the index number of an API call
MGD-1339 Vertex and Fragment Shaders View counters are now aligned to the right
MGD-1230 Preferences menu has been re-enabled for all platforms
MGD-1202 Inconsistent use of N/A in the UI has been resolved
MGD-1287 Trace search now updates as the application is running
MGD-260 Context menu items are grayed out if unavailable
MGD-1395 Can now do a frame capture on a replayed frame
MGD-1282 Framebuffers now open in an image editor the same orientation as MGD displays
MGD-1458 MGD daemon application can now detect whether it is on a rooted device or not
MGD-1505 Version 4.5.0 of the Mali offline compiler integrated. This allows the compilation of compute shaders
MGD-1383 Items in the GUI are now correctly sorted
MGD-1470 User can now edit shaders in an application and then replay a frame using their edited shaders instead of the original ones
MGD-1179 EGL attribute names are now shown rather than numerical values
MGD-1134 Improved OpenGL ES 1.1 support
MGD-1445 Compiler manager no longer causes MGD to crash when opening certain traces
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