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Changes between version 2.1.0 and 3.0.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-714 Show API calls for a single process from a system running multiple graphics processes
MGD-1225 + MGD-1788 Improved tracking of Shader assets when they are attached and linked to multiple programs
MGD-1697 Processes started after the pause command is sent should start in a paused state
MGD-1699 Replay commands should only be sent to the process from which they originated
MGD-1729 GUI now has the concept of multiple processes
MGD-1798 Fragment Count doesn't work on anything other than Framebuffer 0
MGD-181 User would like to see uniform data for OpenGL ES 3.0 entry points and types
MGD-150 Support multiple color attachments in the Framebuffers View (MRT)
MGD-1657 Improve handling of low disk/memory
MGD-1847 X86 Android support in Interceptor
MGD-167 Display a context-aware trace
MGD-1074 Add ability in Assets View to see what is bound to each framebuffer
MGD-1156 Windows installer could offer an option to launch MGD after successful installation
MGD-1268 MGD Assets View needs an export option
MGD-1562 Release User Guide as PDF
MGD-1571 Support Uniform Storage Blocks
MGD-1572 Support Vertex Array Objects
MGD-1582 Frame Capture doesn't work on framebuffers that are not RGBA
MGD-1655 MGD reports ASTC as unrecognized texture format
MGD-1656 MGD reports KHR_DEBUG as an unrecognized state
MGD-1666 MGD interceptor prints too many message if unsupported extensions are used
MGD-1677 Bring back the Framebuffers View
MGD-1680 glFramebufferRenderbuffer doesn't understand attachment code 0x821a
MGD-1682 Give user the option to not send buffers during glDispatchCompute
MGD-1687 MGD Assets View should provide an export shaders option
MGD-1714 Problem with texture files when using custom temporary storage directory
MGD-1725 Wrong kernel given to GPUVerify
MGD-1733 Create breadcrumb bar
MGD-1734 Separate different target processes into different models
MGD-1741 GPUVerify - String index out of range: -1
MGD-1742 PATH corrupted during installation
MGD-1749 + MGD-1804 + MGD-1805 Create a Timeline View
MGD-1356 Esc key could close Find API search
MGD-1362 No tooltip for Binary Format in shader views
MGD-1712 MGD should check if it can write to the temporary directory
MGD-1786 Add tooltip to explain deleted shaders