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Changes between version 3.1.0 and 3.2.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-1862 An internal error occurred during: "Closing 1> Capturing Target@/"
MGD-1885 Send streamline annotations from MGD interceptor
MGD-1801 Convert shaders view into one view
MGD-1867 Frame replayed with capture enabled is marked with an incorrect icon
MGD-1906 MGD overdraw map layer count tooltip is wrong
MGD-2002 Fragment count is incorrect
MGD-1757 Improved performance of Textures View
MGD-1917 Current note could be saved when user changes focus to a different API call
MGD-1483 User would like to end the search by pressing Escape
MGD-1452 MGD API trace search could allow an option to do a full text search
MGD-2007 Cannot use MGD 3.0 interceptor on arm-linux-sf target
MGD-226 Display indices for a selected glDrawElements call
MGD-1945 Add support for driver supplied memory reports
MGD-1726 Improve installation instructions for MGD Android App
MGD-1959 Can't trace app on unrooted Android device
MGD-2018 Overdraw histogram doesn't show 0x overdraw
MGD-1759 Improved performance of Vertex Attributes View
MGD-1758 Improved performance of Buffers View
MGD-1949 Track current binding for each buffer to allow to group buffers by binding type
MGD-1951 Allow user to select items in the Buffers View; show total memory consumption for selected items
MGD-1960 Update file to reflect current directory structure
MGD-2031 Histogram in Framebuffers View should refresh when switching between the trace files
MGD-2001 10x overdraw is reported for two different shades of gray
MGD-1950 Allow user to filter / sort Buffers View by binding type
MGD-2034 Using the "Ignore Alpha" option in the Framebuffers View sometimes sets the color data to black