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Changes between version 3.4.0 and 3.5.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-2183 Filmstrip mode now works with Vulkan traces
MGD-2128 Added "Go to frame/function Call" option
MGD-2206 EGL attribute values are now shown in their text form (rather than their numeric values)
MGD-2019 Histograms support copy-to-clipboard as a CSV (context menu option)
MGD-2081 Support for tracking cl_mem assets (images and buffers) added
MGD-2200 + MGD-2171 Support for tracking Vulkan assets (render passes, command buffers, images, and image views) added
MGD-1977 Improved tracking of OpenGL ES assets and properties (up to OpenGL ES 3.2 now supported)
MGD-2120 Sorting fragment shaders by fragment count now works as expected
MGD-1915 Trace Analysis View no longer contains duplicate entries
MGD-2181 Fixed bug where the Trace Analysis View shows: "Infinity% of the draw calls are using GL_TRIANGLES"
MGD-2093 You can now start tracing OpenGL ES applications after they have started and their state will be recovered.
MGD-2192 Vulkan calls in the Trace Outline View now show time spent blocking
MGD-2219 Replay frame no longer fails when using force precision or modify shader overrides
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