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Changes between version 3.5.1 and 4.0.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-2320 Implement render pass capture for Vulkan
MGD-2248 Extend Vulkan render pass capture to draw call capture
MGD-2281 Track Vulkan vkPipeline, vkShaderModule, and vkPipelineLayout assets
MGD-2280 Track Vulkan vkDescriptorPool, vkDescriptorSet, and vkDescriptorSetLayout assets
MGD-2278 Track Vulkan vkImage and vkImageView assets
MGD-2277 Track Vulkan vkDeviceMemory, vkBuffer, and vkBufferView assets
MGD-2263 Implement Buffers View for Vulkan (with no data)
MGD-2224 Show Vulkan handle in a consistent way through all the views
MGD-2199 Go to function/frame dialog focuses text box on open
MGD-2377 Fixed: Buffers view filter doesn't filter by usage
MGD-2354 Fixed: Features such as filmstrip can no longer be enabled before application start up
MGD-2353 Fixed: Opening old traces loses information about frame capture modes
MGD-2346 Fixed: glMapBuffer(OES) 'access' parameter is incorrectly interpreted
MGD-2338 Fixed: Exceptions in traces with glTexImage3D and glTexSubImage3D using multiple layers textures
MGD-2299 Fixed: InvalidNavigationURIException thrown from the console window
MGD-2292 Fixed: MissingAssetException when connecting to a target with a running app
MGD-2275 Fixed: Double clicking columns in the Trace View causes NullPointerException
MGD-2241 Fixed: Replay frame progress bar doesn't work as expected
MGD-2170 Fixed: Capture/overdraw/etc. commands are not disabled for Vulkan and OpenCL
MGD-2167 Fixed: Framebuffers view can throw CancellationException, NullPointerException
MGD-2165 Fixed: Negative progress percentage when capturing frame
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