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Changes between version 4.3.0 and 4.4.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-1093 User Scripting: User would like to filter/highlight draw calls by criteria
MGD-471 User Scripting: Show call frequency per frame, average non-draw calls per draw call
MGD-190 User Scripting: User would like to see the draw calls that use a specific program to understand scope for optimization of that program
MGD-182 User Scripting: User would like to identify assets (textures, buffers, etc.) which have duplicate contents
MGD-2460 User Scripting: Scripts can read and write to the MGD model
MGD-2623 User Scripting: Scripts can interact with frames from the MGD model
MGD-2598 User Scripting: Create set of examples
MGD-2586 User Scripting: Scripts can get assets and their properties at a given function call
MGD-2585 User Scripting: Scripts can get the parameters and return value of a function call
MGD-2584 User Scripting: Scripts can get the OpenGL ES state at a given function
MGD-2494 Function call view should show return value
MGD-2493 Image/Texture View could allow smaller image column
MGD-2469 OpenGL ES framebuffers should be displayed in assets view
MGD-2561 Fixed: When using an active texture of more than 31 invalid constants are displayed
MGD-2533 Fixed: Depth/stencil buffer contents not sent on glClear* when depth/stencil test disabled
MGD-2500 Fixed: "ASTC data size not as expected for given dimensions and block size" has empty tooltip
MGD-2489 Fixed: No tooltip for "Copy of not tightly packed regions is not supported" problem on vkCmdCopyBufferToImage
MGD-2316 Fixed: GL_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_ACTIVE target state not updating and always saying GL_FALSE even when active
MGD-74 Fixed: Shader view sorts names alphabetically rather than numerically
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