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Changes between version 4.6.0 and 4.7.0

The following summarizes the changes made in this issue.

Issue Summary
MGD-2670 Detect devices and install MGD
MGD-2675 Support OVR_multiview
MGD-2792 Implement selective asset tracing
MGD-2757 Unified handling of mgddaemon, interceptor and version mismatch
MGD-2758 User would like to easily find the version of interceptor, mgddaemon and
MGD-2777 Improve error message in Android Device Manager when something goes wrong
MGD-2790 Implement and document ChromeOS support
MGD-2798 Document Unity support
MGD-2761 User would like to easily access the Connection Wizard command logs
MGD-2786 Add browse button for ADB and GPUVerify in Preferences
MGD-2787 Add the amount of required space to error message in Android Device Manager
MGD-1670 Add full support for KHR_Debug
MGD-2712 Support EGL_KHR_lock_surface3 extension
MGD-2804 Fixed: Automated trace commands are ignored
MGD-2749 Fixed: Ice Cave frame capture is incomplete
MGD-2745 Fixed: Capturing framebuffer at end of trace can't be cancelled
MGD-2769 Fixed: Interceptor looks for wrong libc version on Arndale-5250
MGD-2778 Fixed: Installing Vulkan layer on Nexus 10 fails
MGD-2781 Fixed: Android Device Manager failed to install root interceptor on rooted Galaxy S7
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