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Full Trace Replay

Attention: This feature requires a DS-5 license to use.

Full Trace Replay is a feature that allows you to replay a full MGD trace on a target device. The device can be the same device where the trace has originally been taken or different one. The trace will be adjusted at runtime to accommodate the differences between devices. The following sections explain different ways to use this feature, depending on your use case.

Device Authorization

Any device you want to use with Full Trace Replay must first be authorized to do so. To authorize a device:
  1. Ensure your MGD host application is correctly set up to use a license (see here for more information).
  2. Connect to the MGD Android application from the host (see Tracing an Android Application for more information).
  3. Disconnect the MGD host.
You should see valid license information on the Replay tab. The MGD Android application will store the authorization for 30 days. Full Trace Replay will continue to work without reconnecting the host for those 30 days. When the 30 days has expired simply follow these instructions again.


Full Trace Replay is only guaranteed to work in the following circumstances:
  • All the function calls are part of the OpenGL ES 3.2 core spec (some common extensions are supported).
  • The trace only contains calls from a single process, if you directly run the replay from command line or from the MGD Android app.
  • The Full Trace process configuration (or greater) was used for the entirety of the trace.
  • The trace has been taken since the process start, without detaching the process.
  • Windows surfaces may be not displayed in case of traces creating multiple window surfaces.