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Daydream VR compositor skips right eye execution on capturing a frame

When you capture a frame of a Daydream application the VR compositor may skip the right eye execution. This is because capturing the framebuffer content takes longer than the expected operation duration.

In this case, frames will only contain:

  1. The draw calls made by the application to prepare the eye buffers.
  2. The left eye draw calls to FB0 made by the VR compositor.

One way to make the VR compositor draw both eyes on capturing is to disable distortion and asynchronous reprojection. From the Daydream application, check Settings > Developer options > Force Undistorted Rendering

You can enable "Developer options" by tapping Build Version 7 times from the Daydream application settings.

Alternatively you can disable the asynchronous reprojection from your application, using setAsyncReprojectionEnabled(boolean)