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MGD cannot find MGD Daemon APK file on macOS

Sometimes, when you launch the Device Manager on macOS, MGD will report that it cannot find the MGD Daemon APK. This can be caused by a macOS security feature called "App Translocation".

In order to fix this issue you will need to disable Gatekeeper temporarily using the following Terminal command:

            sudo spctl --master-disable

If you are running MGD from a mounted disk image, you will need to unmount the image, then re-mount the image, and launch the application from there.

If you have copied the application onto the main file system, you will need to move the application package (gui/Mali Graphics to a different folder, then move it back again. You must move the .app file itself (not the containing folder). You must do this from the Finder and not the Terminal. Once you have done that, you should be able to launch the application.

After you launch the app successfully, you can re-enable Gatekeeper with:

            sudo spctl --master-enable
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