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Assets View

The assets view shows the tree of created assets and their properties at the currently selected function call, for all supported APIs. Use this to explore the API objects that your application has created and is currently using.

In the tab pane on the right side of the assets view, Source, Image, and Buffer tabs are available. When certain assets, such as shaders, textures, or buffers, are selected, the appropriate tab that can preview the content will become selectable and will display the asset data.

Under certain conditions, assets may be displayed differently in the assets view:

  • Assets highlighted in green were created in the currently selected function call.

  • Assets highlighted in light green were modified in the currently selected function call.

  • Assets that are considered "active" (such as the currently bound OpenGL ES framebuffer) are displayed in bold type.

The right click context menu for assets allows you to navigate to the API call that created or previously modified the asset.