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Start the Replay from the Mali Graphics Debugger UI

  1. Install the MGD Android application
    Note: The first time you use Full Trace Replay you will have to authorize the device.
  2. Trace the OpenGL ES 3.2 application you want to replay using MGD. The Full Trace Process Configuration, or a configuration that sends more types of assets than the Full Trace configuration (e.g. the Everything configuration) must be used for the entirety of the trace. See Process Configuration for more information.
  3. Press the button to launch the Full Trace Replay dialog.
  4. Select the process you want to replay. If the process is not replayable, MGD will inform you about the reason, otherwise the message No issues were detected is displayed.
  5. Select the device you want to start the replay on.
    Note: If you need to reinstall the MGD Android Application or reboot the device you can do it from the context menu of the selected device.
  6. At this point you have the possibility to force the EGL configurations and the window surface resolution used for the replay. Press the button for the selected device to open the Force Configuration dialog. Enable the checkbox of the replay parameter you are about to force and set the parameter values according to your needs. If you do not force any parameter, the Full Trace Replay will use the original window surface size and the best-matching configuration available on the device.
    Attention: Please note that forcing the EGL window surface size or overriding an EGL configuration parameter is an advanced feature that will modify the replay. Depending on what you have changed, the replay may not work as expected, or not work at all. The originally traced application may have made assumptions about the EGL window surface size and/or the EGL configuration, and there is no way for the trace replayer to handle this.
    Attention: If the forced EGL window surface size is very large the replay may not work due to not enough memory on the device.
  7. Press the Replay button to start the replay, a trace containing only the selected process will be uploaded and replayed on the device. A notification dialog will appear if the replay has been started.
Note: The current Mali Graphics Debugger user interface for Full Trace Replay has noticeable limitations:
  • The user is not notified when the replay finishes.
  • The replay button is not disabled when a replay is in progress, pressing the button again will have no effect during that time.
If you experience any problems, try starting the Replay from Command Line. In this case make sure the trace you are replaying does contain only the process you want to actually replay.