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Start the Replay from the MGD Android Application

  1. Install the MGD Android application
    Note: The first time you use Full Trace Replay you will have to authorize the device.
  2. Trace the OpenGL ES 3.2 application you want to replay using MGD. The Full Trace Process Configuration, or a configuration that sends more types of assets than the Full Trace configuration (e.g. the Everything configuration) must be used for the entirety of the trace. See Process Configuration for more information. Also, make sure the trace contains only one process otherwise the replay may not be correct.
  3. Push the trace file you want to replay to /sdcard/mgd/replay/ on the target device. For example:
    adb push trace.mgd /sdcard/mgd/replay/trace.mgd
    Note: On some Android versions you may need to restart the MGD Android application for the trace file to appear.
  4. Launch the MGD Android Application.
  5. Navigate to the Replay tab.
  6. Select the trace you want to replay.