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Function Call View

This view has three sub tabs: Arguments, Additional Information, and Documentation. All the tabs show data for the selected function call. Therefore, the data is visible only when a function call is selected in the trace.


This tab shows the unabridged arguments for the selected function call alongside their values. This can be useful since, due to the limited size of the Trace View, the values of arguments will be truncated in that view to save space.

Additional Information

This tab shows any additional information that is available about the currently selected function call. Only functions that are shown in the outline view will have additional information.

Depending on the type of function call selected, different information may be shown. This view is particularly useful when using indirect 'draw' calls such as glDrawElementsIndirect. Since those calls use a command struct as a parameter it is impossible to see what parameters were passed to the call in the normal trace view (it will simply show the value of the struct pointer). However, the struct will be parsed and displayed in this view.


This tab shows the Khronos documentation page for the selected function call if it's available.