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Images View

Attention: This view is only available in the Vulkan perspective by default.

This shows an alternative tabular view of all currently loaded images and includes information on their size and format. Use this to visualize the images that you have loaded into the system.

Loading images is done using an external program: note that for larger traces the application can take a short time to convert and display all images. The following image formats are currently supported:










Also, the view has the following limitations:
  • only one layer is displayed for multiple layers images

  • only base mipmap level is displayed

  • optimal tiling images content is displayed tracking buffer-to-image and image-to-image copy operations

  • image copy operations from/to buffer subregions and from/to specific image subresource are not supported

In certain situations you might want to view the images with different alpha options. The following alpha modes are available:
  • Use Alpha does normal alpha blending using the alpha values in the image.
  • Ignore Alpha ignores the alpha values in the image and sets the alpha value for each pixel to it's maximum (i.e. fully opaque).
  • Visualize Alpha ignores the color information in the image and shows the alpha values for each pixel. The alpha values are shown in a range from black (minimum alpha/fully transparent) to white (maximum alpha/fully opaque).