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Shaders View

Attention: This view is only available in the OpenGL ES + EGL perspective by default.

This view is an alternative tabular view of all currently loaded shaders. For each shader various cycle counts are shown allowing you to identify which shaders are most costly. These cycle counts are calculated using the Mali Offline Shader Compiler for the Mali T760 GPU.

The "Cycles” field in the table shows the estimate of the number of cycles each shader will take for a single invocation. This estimate may be inaccurate for any shaders that have any kind of non-linear control flow, such as a loop where the number of iterations cannot be statically determined, or if the shader contains any "if" statements.

For fragment shaders, the Fragments column (and other dependent columns) will be empty unless the Fragment Count feature was active for the selected frame.

Active shaders are shown in bold type.