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Statistics View

Three tabs are available in this window; General, Charts and Memory.


This tab gives statistics and averages for the currently selected process. Use this to gain an overview of the state of your application as it ran.


This tab shows charts for various statistics for the currently selected item type. For example, selecting a process will show you statistics about all the processes in the current trace. The currently selected item will be highlighted in the chart and the item's parent is shown as the chart's title. The following actions are available for the charts:

  • Hovering over a slice of the pie chart allows you to see more information about the slice (including its value).
  • Clicking on a slice will select that item in the trace.
  • Double-clicking on a slice will select that item's first child in the trace.
Note: Some items do not support all the available statistics. For example, Render Passes do not support the Number of render passes statistic.


This tab shows information on memory usage for each frame. This data can be produced on Mali T600 or later based devices, but the vendor may choose not to enable this feature. To check if this feature is supported, please check if your device contains one of the following files: /sys/kernel/debug/mali0/ctx/*/mem_profile or /sys/kernel/debug/mali/mem/*. If the files are present and non-empty then your device is supported.

Attention: To allow this data to be processed by MGD, please turn off the SELinux permissions by running 'setenforce 0' on your device.
Attention: You may need to mount the Linux "debugfs" mount point for this feature to work: mount -t debugfs /sys/kernel/debug /sys/kernel/debug

When selecting a frame a pie chart showing the memory allocated by each channel is shown, each channel is a driver defined heap for a different type of object.

  • Hovering over a slice of the pie chart shows you the memory contained in that channel.
  • Clicking on a slice will display information on the memory contained in that trace and the percentage of total memory used in that frame.
  • Double-clicking on a slice will display a histogram showing more details of the memory allocations.

The histogram shows the number of memory allocations made for each range of memory. Hovering over each bar shows the total amount of memory this range contains.