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Trace View

The main window in MGD shows a table of function calls made by your application as it is running. Use this to examine exactly what your application was requesting of the graphics system and what that system returned.

Each call has:
  • the time at which it was made
  • the time at which it finished
  • the duration of the call (in microseconds)
    Important: This is the time spent in the driver for the function call and not how much time the GPU spends doing the work requested by the function call.
  • the list of arguments sent to the call
    Note: This list will be truncated to save space. For a complete list of the arguments, see the Function Call View.
  • the value (if any) returned by the underlying system when the function was called
  • the error code returned by the underlying system when the function was called
  • the process ID (PID) of the process the function call was made from
  • the thread ID (TID) of the thread the function call was made from
  • any bookmark notes the user has added to the function call (see Bookmarks).
Note: Some columns in this table may be initially hidden, click the button to enable or disable columns.

Each call executed in a different EGL context is highlighted using a different color.

The Trace Outline shows a frame-oriented view of the trace. Each frame is delimited by a call to eglSwapBuffers(). Draw calls in a frame are grouped by the framebuffer bound at the time they were called. Selecting an item in the overview will highlight the corresponding item in the main trace.

You can open documentation for an API call (if available) in a browser by Menu-clicking on the call and selection Open Documentation.

It is possible to select two function calls from the trace using control+click on Windows / Linux hosts, or command+click on OS X hosts. Menu-clicking on one of the two selected functions will bring up a popup menu showing various options including the ability to generate a state difference report. Alternatively the user may select two draw calls from the Outline View and use the popup menu to compare the two draw calls instead.


To find a particular function call (or set of calls), MGD includes a search feature. You can open the search dialog by pressing Ctrl + F with the Trace View selected, or by selecting Edit > Find API call... from the main menu. Simply type your search string in the search box and MGD will highlight matching calls in the trace. You can use the and buttons to jump between the search results.

Pressing the button or pressing the Esc key will close the search and hide the results.

By default the search only looks at the function call name. If you want to search the function call parameters as well you can select the Include parameters option. With this selected, MGD will search the functions exactly as they appear in the Function Call column of this view.

See Searching and Filtering in MGD for more information.