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1. Applications and benefits


  • personal digital assistants

  • cell phones

  • pagers

  • automotive

  • modems

  • personal audio products.


  • designed specifically for ASIC and ASSP integration

  • supports the Thumb® instruction set to enable 32-bit performance at 16-bit, or even 8-bit cost and increased code density

  • high performance allows system designers to integrate more functionality into both price and power sensitive applications

  • very low power consumption

  • wide range of development tools from ARM and third party suppliers.


  • 0.9MIPS/MHz

  • Typical power consumption:

    • at 0.25µm; <0.80mW/MHz

    • at 0.18µm; <0.25mW/MHz

  • Typical size:

    • at 0.25µm; 1.00mm2

    • at 0.18µm; 0.53mm2

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