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2. The ARM7 family

The ARM7 family includes the ARM7TDMI, ARM7TDMI-S, ARM720T, and ARM7EJ-S processors.

The ARM7TDMI core is the industry’s most widely used 32-bit embedded risc microprocessor solution. optimized for cost and power-sensitive applications, the ARM7TDMI solution provides the low power consumption, small size, and high performance needed in portable, embedded applications.

The ARM7TDMI-s core is the synthesizable version of the ARM7TDMI core, available in both verilog and vhdl, ready for compilation into processes supported by in-house or commercially available synthesis libraries. Optimized for flexibility and featuring an identical feature set to the hard macrocell, it improves time-to-market by reducing development time while allowing for increased design flexibility, and enabling >>98% fault coverage.

The ARM720T hard macrocell contains the ARM7TDMI core, 8kb unified cache, and a Memory Management Unit (MMU) that allows the use of protected execution spaces and virtual memory. This macrocell is compatible with leading operating systems including windows ce, linux, palm os, and symbian os.

The ARM7EJ-S processor is a synthesizable core that provides all the benefits of the ARM7TDMI – low power consumption, small size, and the thumb instruction set – while also incorporating ARM’s latest DSP extensions and Jazelle technology, enabling acceleration of java-based applications.