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2.1. Compatible with the ARM9™, ARM9E™, and ARM10™ families, and StrongARM® architecture

software written for the ARM7TDMI processor is 100% binary-compatible with other members of the ARM7 family and forwards-compatible with the ARM9, ARM9E, and ARM10 families, as well as products in intel’s StrongARM and xscale architectures. This gives designers a choice of software-compatible processors with strong price-performance points. Support for the ARM architecture today includes:

  • operating systems such as windows ce, linux, palm os, and the symbian os

  • more than 40 real-time operating systems, including qnx, wind river’s vxworks, and mentor graphics’ vrtx

  • cosimulation tools from leading eda vendors

  • a variety of software development tools.

Figure 1. ARM7TDMI core diagram

ARM7TDMI core diagram