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4.1.5. PrimeCell Infrastructure AMBA3 AXI TrustZone Memory Adapter - BP141

The TrustZone Memory Adapter (TZMA) enables a design to secure a region within an on-SoC static memory such as a ROM or a SRAM. It is typically less expensive to place a single large memory device and partition it into Secure and Non-secure regions than it is to provide separate dedicated memories for each world. The TZMA allows a single static memory of up to 2MB to be partitioned into two regions where the lower part is Secure, and the upper part Non-secure.

The location of the partition between the Secure and Non-secure regions is always a multiple of 4KB and is controlled via the R0SIZE input signals to the TZMA. These signals may be dynamically configured by connecting the signals to the TZPCR0SIZE output from a TZPC peripheral, or can be tied off at synthesis time to partition the memory in a fixed fashion.

The TZMA cannot be used for partitioning dynamic memories, or memories that require more than one Secure region; for these designs the TZASC must be used.

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