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4.1.7. PrimeCell Infrastructure AMBA3 TrustZone Protection Controller - BP147

As described in the AXI-to-APB bridge section, the TrustZone Protection Controller (TZPC) is a configurable signal control block which can be placed on the APB bus to supply control signals to other components on the SoC. The TZPC includes three general purpose registers, TZPCDECPROT{2:0}, which can each control 8 signals within the SoC. It also includes a single register, TZPCR0SIZE, that can be used to provide the partition location control signals for the TrustZone Memory Adapter.

The power-on state of the TZPC is for all of the TZPCDECROT register bits to be set to 0, which is Secure, and the TZPCR0SIZE register to be set to 0x200, which makes the entire 2MB memory range supported by the TZMA Secure. Boot code can relax the security settings, making components Non-secure as needed.

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