Mali User-Space Binary Drivers

Mali GPU User-Space Binary Drivers

These packages contain the binary user-space components for GNU/Linux and Android to use on development platforms enabled with the Arm Mali GPU family. These drivers can be used along with the Mali Open Source Kernel Space Device Drivers to create a complete driver stack and run applications using standard APIs such as;

  • OpenGL ES 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
  • OpenCL 1.1, 1.2, 2.0
  • Vulkan 1.0
  • RenderScript (list of supported APIs varies with the binary and GPU types)

They all include an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) document which defines how these drivers can be used. A new and more permissive version was introduced in January 2016 and all Midgard user-space drivers starting with r6p0 are now distributed under the new terms. The main changes are to allow redistribution of the binaries under the same EULA, commercial use and benchmarking. Read the END_USER_LICENCE_AGREEMENT.txt document included in the packages for the exact licensing terms.

Odroid N2+ Circuit Board.

Odroid-N2+ Specifications

Odroid-N2+ is a single board computer created by Hardkernel that is more powerful, more stable, and faster performing than the previous N2 Model.

SoC: The main CPU is based on big.Little architecture which integrates a quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 CPU cluster and a dual core Cortex-A53 cluster with a new generation Mali-G52 GPU.

Architecture: Armv8

OS: Debian Bullseye or Android 13 or Android 12 (R40p0 release or earlier)

More information about Odroid-N2+ can be found here

HiKey 960 Circuit Board.

HiKey 960 Specifications

The HiKey board is part of the 96Boards project.

SoC: HiSilicon Kirin 960 octa-core Arm big.LITTLE processor with four Arm Cortex-A73 and four Cortex-A53 cores Mali G71 MP8

Architecture: Armv8

Android Version: Android 8.0 r36 arm64/armsf


More information about Hikey960 can be found from

HiKey 960 Downloads

mali_G71_r16p0-01rel0_linux_wayland_1.tar.gz GNU/Linux arm64/armhf Wayland + HTML Release Notes 31.97 MB
mali-G71_r10p0-01rel1_android-8.1_1.tar.gz Android 8.1 r36 arm64/armsf + HTML Release Notes 29.00 MB
mali-G71_r9p0-01rel0_android-8.0_2.tar.gz Android 8.0 r36 arm64/armsf 29.74 MB
mali-G71_r9p0-01rel0_linux_1fbdev.tar.gz GNU/Linux arm64 fbdev 63.36 MB

Odroid XU3 Circuit Board.

Odroid XU3 Specifications

SoC: Exynos 5 Octa (Exynos 5422), Arm Cortex-A15 (MP4) & Arm Cortex-A7 (MP4) big.LITTLE CPU configuration with Mali-T628 (MP6) GPU.

Architecture: Armv7

HWREV: r0p1

Odroid-XU3 Linux Downloads

malit62xr12p004rel0linux1fbdev.tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 10.76 MB
malit62xr12p004rel0linux1x11.tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 10.76 MB
malit62xr12p004rel0linux1wayland.tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf Wayland/GBM/DRM 10.77 MB
malit62xr10p000rel0linux1fbdev.tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 10.57 MB
malit62xr10p000rel0linux1x11.tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 10.57 MB
malit62xr10p000rel0linux1wayland.tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf Wayland/GBM/DRM 10.57 MB

Juno Development Board.

Juno Specifications

SoC: Arm Juno, Arm Cortex-A57 (MP2) & Arm Cortex-A53 (MP4) big.LITTLE CPU configuration with Mali-T624 (MP4) GPU. 

Architecture: Armv8. Armv8 supports 32-bit binaries in hardware.

HWREV: r0p1

Juno Android Downloads

mali-t62x_r15p0-00rel0_android-7.0_1.tar.gz Android 7.0 arm64/armsf 21.43 MB
mali-t62x_r9p0-05rel0_android-6.0_1.tar.gz Android 6.0 arm64/armsf 18.35 MB
mali-t62x_r8p0-02rel0_android-6.0_1.tar.gz Android 6.0 arm64/armsf 18.36 MB
mali-t62x_r6p0-02rel0_android-5.1_1.tar.gz Android 5.1 arm64/armsf 16.44 MB

gem5 Specifications

The gem5 simulator is a modular platform for computer-system architecture research, encompassing system-level architecture as well as processor microarchitecture.
Visit the gem5 website for more information

gem5 Android Downloads

mali-t76x_r8p0-02rel0_android-4.4_1-gem5.tar.gz Android 4.4 armsf 1.50 MB

HiKey Development 96 Circuit Board.

HiKey Drivers

The HiKey board is part of the 96Boards project.

SoC: HiSilicon Kirin 620, Arm Cortex-A53 (MP8) with Mali-450 (MP4) GPU. 

Architecture: Armv8

HWREV: r0p0

HiKey Android and Linux Downloads

mali-450_r8p1-00rel0_android-8.1.0_1.tar.gz Android 8.1 arm64/armsf 1.21 MB
mali-450_r7p0-01rel0_linux_1arm64.tar.gz GNU/Linux arm64, Wayland 747 KB
mali-450_r7p0-00rel0_android-6.0_1.tar.gz Android 6.0 arm64/armsf 1.29 MB
mali-450_r7p0-01rel0_linux-armhf_1.tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf DRM, Wayland 535 KB
mali450r6p001rel0linux1arm64tar.gz GNU/Linux arm64 fbdev,Wayland 733 KB
mali450r6p001rel0linux1armhftar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev,Wayland 539 KB

FireFly RK3288 Circuit Board.

Firefly RK3288 Specifications

SoC: RK32885, Arm Cortex-A17 (MP4) with Mali-T760 (MP4) GPU. 

Architecture: Armv7

HWREV: r0p0

Firefly Linux Downloads

malit76xr12p004rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armsf fbdev 11.13 MB
malit76xr12p004rel0linux1waylandtar.gz GNU/Linux Wayland 10.78 MB
malit76xr12p004rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armsf X11 10.78 MB
malit76xr6p002rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armsf fbdev 9.01 MB
malit76xr6p002rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armsf X11 9.02 MB
r12p0-04rel0/mali-t60x_r12p0-04rel0_linux_1fbdev.tar.gz GNU/Linux armsf fbdev 10.76 MB
r12p0-04rel0/mali-t60x_r12p0-04rel0_linux_1wayland.tar.gz GNU/Linux Wayland 10.77 MB
r12p0-04rel0/mali-t60x_r12p0-04rel0_linux_1x11.tar.gz GNU/Linux armsf X11 10.76 MB


Below are older driver packages which use a restrictive End User Licence Agreement (EULA). With these drivers, redistribution is not permitted and other limitations apply to limit their use to private development only. You will need to read and accept the terms of the EULA prior to downloading these drivers.

arndale/malit60xr5p006rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 9.06 MB
arndale/malit60xr5p006rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 9.06 MB
arndale/malit60xr4p100rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.68 MB
arndale/malit60xr4p100rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.68 MB
arndale/malit604r4p002rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.58 MB
arndale/malit604r4p002rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.58 MB
arndale-octa/malit62xr5p006rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 9.06 MB
arndale-octa/malit62xr5p006rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 9.06 MB
arndale-octa/malit62xr4p100rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.68 MB
arndale-octa/malit62xr4p100rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.68 MB
arndale-octa/malit62xr4p002rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.58 MB
arndale-octa/malit62xr4p002rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.58 MB
firefly/malit76xr5p006rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 9.06 MB
hikey/mali450r5p001rel0linux1fbdevarm64v8a 1tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 709 KB
juno/mali-t62x_r5p0-06rel0_android-5.0_1.tar.gz Android 5.0 arm64/armsf 2.53 MB
nexus-10/mali-t60x_r5p0-06rel0_android-5.0_1.tar.gz Android 5.0 armsf 4.21 MB
nexus-10/mali-t60x_r4p1-00rel0_android-4.4_1.tar.gz Android 4.4 armsf 7.89 MB
nexus-10/mali-t60x_r4p0-02rel0_android-4.4_1.tar.gz Android 4.4 armsf 7.87 MB
odroid-xu3/malit62xr5p006rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 9.06 MB
odroid-xu3/malit62xr5p006rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 9.06 MB
odroid-xu3/malit62xr4p100rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.68 MB
odroid-xu3/malit62xr4p100rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.68 MB
odroid-xu3/malit62xr4p002rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.58 MB
odroid-xu3/malit62xr4p002rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.58 MB
samsung-chromebook/malit60xr5p006rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 9.06 MB
samsung-chromebook/malit60xr5p006rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 9.06 MB
samsung-chromebook/malit60xr4p100rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.68 MB
samsung-chromebook/malit60xr4p100rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.68 MB
samsung-chromebook/malit604r4p002rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.58 MB
samsung-chromebook/malit604r4p002rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.58 MB
samsung-chromebook2/malit62xr5p006rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 9.06 MB
samsung-chromebook2/malit62xr5p006rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 9.06 MB
samsung-chromebook2/malit62xr4p100rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.68 MB
samsung-chromebook2/malit62xr4p100rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.68 MB
samsung-chromebook2/malit62xr4p002rel0linux1fbdevtar.gz GNU/Linux armhf fbdev 8.58 MB
samsung-chromebook2/malit62xr4p002rel0linux1x11tar.gz GNU/Linux armhf X11 8.58 MB