Open Source Mali Valhall GPU Kernel Drivers

Open Source Kernel Drivers

Valhall Mali 4th Gen GPU Architecture

The Android and Linux version of the Mali GPUs Device Driver provide low-level access to the Mali GPUs that are part of the Valhall family.

Some of these components are being made available under the GPLv2 licence. This page provides access to the source packages from which loadable kernel modules can be built.

Note that these components are not a complete driver stack. To build a functional OpenGL ES you need access to the full source code of the Mali GPU DDK, which is provided under the standard Arm commercial licence to all Mali GPU customers.

The open source drivers provided on this page are designed to run with a version-compatible release of the Mali GPU DDK. In functional and performance terms they are identical to the implementations provided under the commercial licence. By also releasing them under the GPLv2 licence we hope to make it easier to include Mali GPU drivers on any Linux or Android platform.


Download GPU Kernel Device Drivers

By downloading the packages below you acknowledge that you accept the End User License Agreement for the Mali GPUs Kernel Device Drivers Source Code.

VX504X08X-SW-99002-r50p0-00eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r50p0-00eac0. Released on 14th June 2024. 6.56 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r49p0-00eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r49p0-00eac0. Released on 18th April 2024. 6.49 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r48p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r48p0-01eac0. Released on 19th February 2024. 6.44 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r47p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r47p0-01eac0. Released on 14th December 2023. 6.41 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r46p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r46p0-01eac0. Released on 1st Nov 2023. 6.36 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r45p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r45p0-01eac0. Released on 15th Sept 2023. 6.16 MB
BX304L01B-SW-99002-r44p1-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r44p1-01eac0. Released on 11th October 2023. 5.91 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r44p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r44p0-01eac0. Released on 19th May 2023. 5.82 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r43p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r43p0-01eac0. Released on 24th March 2023. 5.75 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r42p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r42p0-01eac0. Released on 27th January 2023. 5.69 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r41p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r41p0-01eac0. Released on 24th November 2022. 5.47 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r40p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r40p0-01eac0. Released on 7th October 2022. 5.36 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r39p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r39p0-01eac0. Released on 25th July 2022. 5.23 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r38p2-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r38p2-01eac0. Released on 14th October 2022. 5.36 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r38p1-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r38p1-01eac0. Released on 18th August 2022. 5.29 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r38p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r38p0-01eac0. Released on 16th June 2022. 5.23 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r37p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r37p0-01eac0. Released on 21st April 2022. 5.18 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r36p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r36p0-01eac0. Released on 11th February 2022. 5.13 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r35p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r35p0-01eac0. Released on 24th December 2021. 5.02 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r34p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r34p0-01eac0. Released on 26th November 2021. 4.84 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r33p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r33p0-01eac0. Released on 20th September 2021. 4.70 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r32p1-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r32p1-01eac0. Released on 23rd November 2021. 4.62 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r32p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r32p0-01eac0. Released on 22nd July 2021. 4.60 MB
VX504X08X-SW-99002-r31p0-01eac0.tar Kernel Device Driver for r31p0-01eac0. Released on 29th June 2021. 4.50 MB