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The work from some of Arm's research and demo creation has made it's way onto the Unity Asset Store! We hope this will help developers use this research in their own games and applications by learning directly from the project files. Please see the selection below and for the latest uploads from Arm Mali check out our Asset Store account.

Dynamic Soft Shadows Based on Local Cubemaps

This new shadow rendering technique allows high quality shadows to be rendered very efficiently which makes it ideally suited to mobile devices.

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Dynamic Soft Shadows ARM Mali Unity 5 Project Files

Dynamic Soft Shadows Based on Local Cubemaps

Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.

This project shows how to implement a new shadow rendering technique based on local cubemaps.

The transparency of the scene is rendered offline in the alpha channel of the cubemap. At runtime this info is used to decide if the fragment is lit or in shadows.

Cubemap mipmap interpolation is used to reproduce the softness of the shadows.

This pack includes: 
- A complete working project that combines shadows based on local cubemaps and shadow mapping techniques. 
- An Editor tool to render the transparency of the scene boundary in the alpha channel of the cubemap. 
- Shader implementation of the technique. 
- Shader that combines shadows based on local cubemaps and shadow mapping techniques. 
- Readme file with a detailed explanation of the technique. 

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